For this new opera company, 'company' means friendship - The Boston Globe


AMOC “won’t ever be a typical opera company” - WBUR’s the ARTery


“...a hot-bed of boundary-pushing, inventive, chance-taking artists” - ZEALnyc


"unique and energetic" - Leonore Overture


Modern opera with an old soul - The Harvard Gazette


"One of the most moving experiences of the year" Knox TN Today


"...the magical, emotionally cleansing, out-of-body soundscape we all found our way to in that practice room at the jam session, however long it lasted or whatever experimental jumble of notes it might have sounded like to someone else, was somehow, strangely, operatic."

- Sasha Barish, Class of 2020, Harvard Office for the Arts Blog


A Whirlwind of Opera - The Harvard Gazette