Ojai Music Festival

In 2022, AMOC* served as only the third ensemble to hold the Music Directorship in the Ojai Music Festival’s history. Following in the footsteps of past Directors, including John Adams, Mitsuko Uchida, and Peter Sellars, AMOC* brought a new, multi-disciplinary approach to one of the world’s leading new-music gatherings. 

Our Music Directorship represents the culmination of Ojai’s 75th anniversary celebration and the first year with its new Artistic Director, Ara Guzelimian, who describes AMOC* as “a remarkable collective [who] are among the brightest and freshest artistic voices to emerge in the last few years.”

“Everything for AMOC* is sacred in that it needs to perform at the highest level, but nothing is so sacred that it can’t be rethought musically, socially, racially, sexually, theatrically, physically.”

“Many in the arts these days talk a big game about interdisciplinary collaboration, but few walk the walk like AMOC*”

“...some of the most restless and enterprising young people in the performing arts”

“...unforgettable for both its programming and the conviction of the musicians who performed it”



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