dancer, choreographer

Julia Eichten—Dance artist, Choreographer and Director—is a graduate of the Juilliard School, where she received the Hector Zaraspe Award in recognition of her choreography. Eichten was a founding member of L.A. Dance Project and is a current member of AMOC (American Modern Opera Company). Since her time with L.A. Dance Project, Julia continued her work with Gerard & Kelly as a performing artist as well as an associate choreographer on such projects as ‘bridge-s,” in collaboration with Solange and the Getty Museum of Los Angeles. In 2019, Eichten shared a premiere with collaborator Frances Chiaverini of “It’s My House and I Live Here,” at TorSpace, Frankfurt in collaboration with Whistle While You Work. 

In early 2020 she shared her directorial debut with Lisenka Heijboer Castanon, with Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble Connect in “Through Movement.” She performed in Alex Da Corte’s reimagining of Allan Kaprow’s Chicken, with choreography by Kate Watson Wallace. Eichten has taught at Cal Arts, BeMoving and Pieter Performance Space. In recent years, Eichten has been a part of the ongoing work “Broken Theater” by Bobbi Jean Smith and is currently in process with her creative partner Bret Easterling. In 2021, Eichten was part of Sandbox’s visual album “Seven Pillars,” and self-produced her first film, “The Body Inside Me.”